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I always love coming for my treatments. We’re on session two of cosmetic brow tattoo removal and the whole experience is beyond amazing So calming, such a wonderful space, and your mind is put at ease. Every step is explained and you feel like you’re in safe hands. I travel from Brisbane because Auralite is the best!!

- Melanie L.

Cosmetic Tattoo Removal 

using Think Pigment Remover

Auralite Beauty offers gentle cosmetic tattoo removal for PMU (permanent makeup) brows, lips and freckles using the Think Aesthetics Pigment Removal Solution. Made in Australia, this revolutionary removal solution allows clients with existing cosmetic tattooing who wish to remove or re-new their previous work, a gentle, affordable option for safe & effective pigment removal. Numbing gels are used to ensure max comfort for each client. Performed by gently implanting Think Pigment Remover solution over existing pigment in the skin. This method using a cosmetic tattoo machine provides an effect removal without the need for harsh chemicals, an easy healing process and an ideal skin texture for future cosmetic tattooing. A great alternative to laser pigment removal on the delicate facial area.

Cosmetic Tattoo removal using this technique based on glycolic acid is ideal for re-working undesirable shape or colour in order to create a more modern, flattering long term result. Leaving the skin undamaged and an ideal texture for fresh cosmetic tattooing, pmu removal could be the next step to achieving your dream brows or lips or removing unwanted work completely.

Please understand due to the nature of this treatment, complete  pigment removal may require multiple sessions. The exiting pigment colour, depth in the skin and treatment goals will determine how many sessions are necessary. Patch testing & Consultations are essential to determine a treatment plan.

At Auralite removal may be required prior to colour correcting or covering previous cosmetic tattoo work by another artist. 

Consultations are free & essential for Cosmetic Tattoo Removal. Book Online by clicking below.

Aftercare Advice

Cosmetic Tattoo Removal

Cosmetic Tattoo Removal requires 6-8 weeks to completely heal, clients having multiple removal sessions must wait at least 6 weeks between appointments to allow for healing. 

Immediately following a removal procedure the area will be left clean and dry of product as the body begins the natural healing process. Redness & swelling around the targeted area is expected. In the first 24 hours after removal fluid is still being released from the area and rises to the surface creating a 'crust.' This can be wiped away gently if considered unsightly however is best left without being touched or scratched. This crust layer can last for 1-2 weeks, do not scratch or pick at the area, let the skin shed naturally in it's own time. Some redness can occur once this stage is complete, this should subside as the skin continues to heal. 

Auralite recommends to continue dry healing for 6-8 weeks. Clean the area daily with fragrance free Dettol & carefully pat dry. To ensure minimal risk of adverse reactions, avoid sweating or soaking in bodies of water for 3-5 days following cosmetic tattoo removal, keep the area completely clean of any makeup and skincare products. A hard copy of Aftercare instructions are provided to you after every removal treatment at Auralite Beauty & Cosmetic Tattoo.

Images seen left & right are taken of clients with pmu brows by another artist who are completing their removal journey at Auralite Beauty & Cosmetic Tattoo.

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