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"Brittany has an exceptional ability for cosmetic tattooing, along with a refreshing manner that makes your experience very relaxing. She makes sure that you are happy with the result, and strives to make you feel a million dollars. She is such a delight that if you aren't sure where to go, Brittany wins hands down. You can't get any better that going with Auralite Beauty."   - Helen E.

Cosmetic Tattoo Services at Auralite provided by owner Brittany include, Ombre Brow Tattoo, Nano Hairstroke Brow Tattoo, Lip Blushing, Lash Enhancement Eyeliner Tattoo, Faux Freckles & beauty spots. Cosmetic Tattooing or Permanent Makeup is a semi-permanent tattoo procedure where pigment is carefully and precisely implanted into the skin to enhance the natural beauty of the facial features. Using specialised techniques pmu can correct imperfections or create your desired look with the help of soft & natural definition without the time and effort of everyday makeup application, regular tinting. At Auralite cosmetic tattoos are expertly designed and measured for perfect symmetry to suit each client. Through in depth consultations and understanding of individuals desired outcomes paired with professional guidance and advice, Brittany is passionate about working to create your ideal result & ensure high quality results. Auralite adheres to high quality standards in pigments, aftercare, and equipment throughout all pmu procedures. Brittany has continued to build her skill in pmu consistently studying new styles and techniques to keep up to date with the latest trends in 2024.  Now offering pmu Removal using Think Pigment Remover available for clients with existing cosmetic tattoos who wish to remove or re-do previous work. Maintaining exceptional hygiene standards Auralite is proud to offer a private, licensed premises, insured and equipped to offer a safe & relaxed experience for your dream cosmetic tattoo. Consultations are available via online booking.

 Find more info about our range of pmu services below.


Ombre Brows

Ombre Brow Tattoo is a cosmetic tattoo technique where pigment is gently deposited into the skin using a shading technique and a tattoo machine. This creates a ‘powder effect’ or ‘makeup look’ by filling in the brows from head to tail using an ombre style. Ombre Brows are a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo lasting 1-3 years or longer and require regular colour boost touch ups every 12-18months. A favourable technique as ombre brows suit any skin or hair type and are expertly measured, shaped and colour matched to each individual client. Ombre Brow Tattoo is a great technique for those clients looking to rework/coverup previous cosmetic brow tattooing. Numbing agents are used during all cosmetic tattoo procedures. Consultations available via online booking.


Aftercare Ombre Brows

Aftercare and healing for any cosmetic tattooing varies between each individual client, healing time may take anywhere from 2-6 weeks to complete. Immediately following an Ombre Brow procedure swelling and redness is very minimal due to numbing agents however brows will appear defined, bold and dark. This can last for 1-2 days and up to a week, this is not how the brows will appear once healing is complete. As Ombre Brows heal they will start to become dry and flaky, sometimes scabbing can occur as well as itching or irritation to the surrounding skin, this can last from 1-2 weeks. Once the flaking stage is complete brows may appear light in colour, have patience and trust the process as the brows will then become darker again as the pigment settles into the skin. After 4-6 weeks the pigment will have settled, brows will have softened in shape and colour and the healing process is complete. Aftercare packs complete with take home instructions are purchased at Auralite Beauty.

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