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Temporary Tooth Gems

What are Tooth Gems? Safe, temporary Swarovski, Opal, or 18k Gold Tooth Gems are applied to the surface of the tooth using professional dental adhesive that can last anywhere from 6 weeks – 12 months with proper aftercare. All Tooth Gems used at Auralite Beauty are made from the highest quality metals safe for long term wear, available in a wide range of colours, sizes, shapes, patterns and custom designs. Applied while maintaining exceptional hygiene standards. Modern Tooth Gem techniques give clients total freedom to create an individual look that’s completely your own.  Tooth Gems available to book via online booking. Clients must be over 16 for tooth gems application.  



 Applied with high grade dental adhesives Swarovski tooth gems require a few small aftercare steps to ensure their longevity & the health of the teeth which they are applied. Please arrive to your tooth gem appointment with clean teeth and understand tooth gems may only be applied to healthy, natural teeth (no caps, veneers or front facing fillings, exposed decay or disease.) Immediately following your tooth gem application, you will need to avoid eating/drinking for 1 hour. Avoid brushing teeth, eating hard foods or touching gems for 12hours post application. It is recommended to continue to be careful eating hard foods around the gem placement to ensure longevity of the tooth gem. If you wish to prematurely remove a tooth gem you will need to visit a dentist for safe removal. Auralite Beauty offers 1 replacement gem in the event of losing a tooth gem within the first month  after application.   

Tooth Gems Menu

1 Swarovski Tooth Gem $40

2 Swarovski Tooth Gems $70

4 Swarovski Tooth Gems $90

Swarovski Butterfly Tooth Gem $90

Swarovski Window Tooth $160

1 Opal Tooth Gem $40

2 Opal Tooth Gems $70

18k Solid Gold Tooth Gem $90+

Full Swarovski Chandelier Tooth $120

Custom Design Tooth Gems $260+

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