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ADDICTED to this fabulous place! and the amazing, diverse, beautiful tooth gems😍

- Margaret H.


Single Swarovski Tooth Gem $50

Swarovski Shapes $60

2 Swarovski Tooth Gems $100

4 Swarovski Tooth Gems $150

Swarovski Butterfly Tooth Gem $150

Swarovski Window Tooth/10+ Gems  $200

Full Swarovski Chandelier Tooth+ 3-4 Gems $200

Single Opal Tooth Gem/Opal Shapes $60

2 Opal Tooth Gems $100

4 Opal Tooth Gems $160

Opal Butterfly $160

Opal Centre Full Chandelier $200

18k Gold/White Gold Tooth Gem $120

18k Gold/White Gold with Stones $160

2 18k Gold/White Gold $200

4 18k Gold/White Gold $320

Full Custom Set Swarovski Tooth Gems $300+

Aftercare Advice

 Applied with high grade dental adhesives Swarovski tooth gems require a few small aftercare steps to ensure their longevity & the health of the natural teeth which they are applied. Please arrive to your tooth gem appointment with clean teeth and understand tooth gems may only be applied to healthy, natural teeth. Application may not be ideal for teeth with caps, veneers, dentures or front facing fillings, exposed decay or disease. If you are unsure if tooth gems are suitable for you, Auralite recommends consulting your regular dentist prior to booking your tooth jewellery appointment. Immediately following your tooth gem application, avoid eating/drinking for 1 hour. Avoid brushing teeth, eating hard foods & consuming acidic drinks for 12-24 hours post application. No touching gems with your hands or tongue, letting the gem/s settle in so the bonds can adhere to the teeth for the first few days is essential. It is recommended to continue to avoid eating hard foods around the gem placement as well as avoid acidic drinks & smoking/vaping to ensure good retention. Regular brushing & flossing, keeping good dental hygiene is the best way to get the longest lasting results & retention from your tooth gems, the cleaner you keep your teeth the longer your gems will last. If you wish to prematurely remove a tooth gem you will need to visit a dentist/dental technician for safe removal. Auralite Beauty does not offer gem removal services. Each client is entitled to 1 replacement gem in the event of losing your tooth jewellery within the first 6 weeks after application. Tooth gems can be replaced if lost after

6 weeks at regular pricing. Book online now by clicking the button.

Design Pricelist

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